Free Lunch at Augie’s Sports Grill and Help Out Local High Schools

Augie’s is located on Roosevelt Rd across the street from the Walmart at Pebble Creek/Estrella Parkway and I-10 in Goodyear.

FREE LUNCH AT AUGIE’S, Sat Nov 3 when you register for Augie’s Fundraising Golf Tournament.
Details here; and below.  Only $75 per golfer.

Augie’s Sports Grill wants you to join them in fundraising for our local high schools! Get involved in the community by having fun!

Augie’s has teamed up with Tres Rios Golf CourseDesert Edge High and Estrella Foothills High to put together a great event!

Come and enjoy a round of golf in a Four Player Scramble Tournament at the Tres Rios Golf Course. There will be a variety of contests and prizes throughout the tourney. Afterwards, join us at Augie’s Sports Grill for a complimentary meal!


Do You Have a German Automobile?

It’s not just some catchy title, this is for real.

I helped one of my neighbors the other day get her German car repaired.  As a result, I met one of the best customer focused auto repair places I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.  Almost makes me want to buy a German made automobile, but I’m too practical for that, if my car ever breaks down on a long trip, I don’t want the garage picking it up to say, “I’ve never seen one like this before”.  So I own Chevys and Fords.

Unlike some of our local Goodyear auto repair shops who won’t give you the time of day unless you fill out a work order and a minimum charge agreement, the employees at;

German Auto, 5244 N. 7th St. in Phoenix (602.274.3747)

are really HELPFUL!!

If you decide to try them out, ask for Tommy Spoljar.  He explains everything, does not treat you like you are a moron, and this guy will actually help you get your repair done EVEN IF IT DOES NOT PAY HIS SHOP THE MOST MONEY to do it that way.

F-35 Noise Comparison

Now that the mall has had a stake driven through its heart and as I have predicted, due to the ongoing incompetence of GY city council and city management to see this coming even though I’ve been explaining it to them for the past two plus years, either Goodyear is now officially bankrupt or must now fire a lot of good employees or raise our taxes out of sight (also predicted) I’ll have to turn my attention to other stuff to write while your city council falls all over themselves to “get defensive” and “think about the city”. *
Well who were they thinking about until now?
So let’s look at the Luke noise issue. I warn you, this is a long article. You’ll have to read maps and learn a little physics but it’s worth it because the Air Force just released their latest study Jan 12, there are 45 days for public comment, and there are public meetings for comment starting next week.
Here we go (just like the little dog in the beer commercial).
Why can’t someone just make a sample recording of what current F-16 jets sound like flying over Goodyear neighborhoods and then increase the volume of that recording by an amount equal to the added noise the F-35 makes vs the F-16 and post it online so you and I could go listen to it? Why wouldn’t your city government, for example, do something that simple? It would probably cost a lot less than the city of Goodyear video starring Georgia Lord that cost us $80,000 or $450 per second for GY to produce and give public info officer Nora Fascinelli something to do.

I don’t know the answer to those questions but if you were hoping I was going to tell you that I just did it and “here it is for you to listen to”, I’m sorry to disappoint you but my wife allows me a zero $ budget for this blog (maybe Georgia could use some of her leftover $18,000 in campaign funds from developers and statewide fire departments to make the comparison audios. Georgia’s Money).

So instead of doing that, I’ve done some (free) research into the whole Luke noise level issue and present my results below. As always with howardsgoodyearblog, I give you links and references to the raw data so you don’t have to believe me, you can look at all the data yourself if you want.

Don’t want to read my entire article even though I have done a lot of work for you condensing a plethora of information into a few understandable and readable nuggets which accurately summarize the entire situation? OK, so as not to keep you in suspense, it’s not as bad as Georgia’s prison debacle.

First, Details and References

Here is an online copy of the the Air Force Environmental Impact Study (EIS) for Luke and several other candidate sites for the F-35s that was released Jan 12, 2012. You can go there if you want, but I’ll warn you in advance, it’s BIG.

Here are the parts of the study that apply to Luke. These are pretty big also;

Part One. Part One Luke EIS 100 pages

Part Two. Part Two Luke EIS 118 pages

An ASU professor did a study for the city of El Mirage and concluded that El Mirage residents would have serious issues with the F-35. You have to do a records request with the city of EM to get the actual study. I’ll do that if I get around to it and post it here if/when it arrives.

Then there are some people who call themselves “Luke Forward” who think the ASU professor’s study is flawed, (Study Flawed) but they don’t give any solid evidence to support their claims. Here is their web site where this 501C(3) political organization lists their board of directors who are mostly politically connected Arizona real estate developers (who probably don’t have options on any land in El Mirage) and others who regularly feed at the public trough and a few active Luke related family members and retired military. They all appear to have some vested interest in keeping Luke AFB in operation and expanding so I find it difficult to believe a word they say.

Here are some facts from all of this stuff and my opinion at the end.

There are currently 168 F-16s at Luke (PAA= Primary Aircraft Authorized) with 85,000 annual airfield operations (AAO = take offs, landings, touch and gos, go arounds, and low approaches). What is being evaluated are six different scenarios with from 24 to 144 F-35s with 26 F-16s remaining for a total of up to 170 aircraft with AAO maximum of about 93,000 or about 20 more per day (10%) worst case. If the F-35 is not stationed at Luke, the F-16s are expected to stay but a few will be retired. Many of the F-16s that are at Luke today (and would probably be a larger % in the future) are foreign military sales jets (FMS) which would appear to be aircraft that are slated to be sold to US foreign allies. These will continue or perhaps even increase since we only sell last year’s model to the rest of the world (so far, Barack).

Luke personnel would either stay the same with 6,842 or it could drop by 200 under one F-35 scenario or increase by up to a maximum of an additional 2,300 under other F-35 scenarios.

Next, for you non-audio engineers, here is some background information on noise and decibel levels so you have a better feel for what the Luke studies mean.

Decibel Comparison website.

Decibel Comparison Chart

Luke Study Summary.

According to the Air Force EIS study, the number of residents (I assume using current residential density) who will hear 65 dB or greater noise will increase by between 600 to possibly 4,000 residents. The number of incidents of total noise levels from jets should not change significantly since even in the worst case the number of AAOs (annual airfield operations) are not expected to increase by much.

According to the decibel comparison website;

a vacuum cleaner operates at about 80 dB

60 dB is normal conversation

a 5dB change is clearly noticeable

a 10 dB change sounds twice as loud

Here is Figure 3.2-7 from the Luke study Fig 3.2-70001 along with an outline of the city of Goodyear, Pebble Creek, and PC Parkway. (Fig 3.2-7 is also on page 28 of Part One Luke EIS with link above where you can also magnify it if you want to see more photo details). If you believe the US Air Force, this is what you need to know to determine if you are going to notice any sound level changes. Fig 3.2-7 is the worst case scenario for noise levels for the surrounding community. It includes the maximum number of F-35s that are anticipated to be stationed at Luke if Luke is selected.

When you look at Fig 3.2-7 you will notice that the outside LIGHT BLUE line shows the current 65 dB baseline at Luke. Near it is a YELLOW line which shows the expected F-35 worst case 65 dB level limits. If you live anywhere on this map between the outside of the light blue line and the inside of the yellow line, you are going to notice a big difference. In fact, you will notice a LIGHT ORANGE line which represents 70 dB and a DARK ORANGE line which represents 75 dB. If you currently live within the light blue line and inside or near either of the orange lines you could apparently see noise levels which will seem to you to be nearly TWICE AS LOUD as what you hear today.

Most of the twice as loud or near twice as loud places are at the ends of the runway, however, and there do not appear to be very many residences or other structures in these areas. But it would appear to me that the ASU professor could be right about El Mirage and Luke Forward is acting like the special interest political organization that they really are.

Pebble Creek? (I’ve put a dotted line around PC on the map and also highlighted PC Parkway on the map as well as the city of GY boundary in this area).

PC looks to be mostly unaffected by any of this. Will we hear an occasional noise that will be much higher than what we hear today and perhaps scare the bejesus out of us? My guess is probably yes. If you live near Indian School road in PC more than likely, I would say.

For most of those who will be affected, it appears to me that you will go from a sound which is similar to loud conversation to a sound which is like your spouse yelling at you for not listening to him/her. If you live near Indian School Rd in Pebble Creek and your spouse does not yell at you very often, these new noise levels may bother you and you might want to consider moving.

My wife only yells at me what I would consider a reasonable amount and usually only when I deserve it and I don’t live near Indian School Rd so at this point, I’m not expecting to move out of GY or PC anytime soon (sorry, Georgia).

At least not for this reason.

There now, that wasn’t so bad was it? Why couldn’t GY have done that for you?

* New GY mayor Joanne Osborne said that

Buying a Car in Goodyear, AZ

I decided I needed a new vehicle, my seven year old Ford was pushing 70,000 miles and while it had been a good car, it was time to move on.

We settled on a pick up truck, we had one once before and miss it ever since we got rid of it when we moved to AZ. This time we decided to get a four door model so the whole family can get in.

I went to look at LOCAL dealerships, to start (8.5% sales tax). We went to look at Chevy, Ford, GMC, Dodge, and Toyota.  I choose those four trucks because Consumer Reports said that while they liked the Ford best and the Toyota was pretty nice, the reliability, safety, and features of all of these vehicles was acceptable and there was not enough difference in customer satisfaction among any of them to rule any out.

I would recommend any of the local dealers that I visited with the exception of Sands Chevrolet.  I ended up purchasing a Chevy from Gateway Chevy.

Chevy dealers.  Gateway is a “one price” dealer.  They give you no hassle, they are helpful, and at the end of the day, since I was purchasing a left over 2011 that they happened to have in stock they actually did lower their “one price” on that particular vehicle.  I would not expect them to do that on most vehicles, however, if you are after the latest hot new car, they’ll answer all your questions, test drive it, but I would expect the price would be the price.  The sales person Joshua Coffman was top notch and he got his management involved when I told them they were close but I was going to buy a Ford.  I was literally driving from the Ford dealer after they failed to have my F-150 ready to pick up as promised when Gateway called me.

Sands Chevrolet in Surprise, AZ is like taking a time capsule trip to an American made car dealership of the 70s.  If you like strong arm, high pressure sales tactics this is the place for you.  The give away should have been all the sales people they had in their showroom.  They must all be on 100% commission or close to it.  The sales person we had was knowledgeable and courteous but when it came time to talk price his management made him (and asked us) to jump through hoops to get to what their price was. Their recent 20% off MSRP advertising is also misleading.  We said no thanks and walked away.  As it turns out, all the other dealerships know exactly how Sands is.  So if you don’t believe me, just ask any car sales person in the area and they can probably confirm it.

Avondale Toyota was very nice and no pressure and only one guy that you work with.  If you get a good guy like I did with Jim, you’ll be happy.  I’m not sure all their sales guys are as good, though.

Rodeo Ford nearly won my business but as it got close to actually picking up the vehicle not everything turned out exactly as I had understood it would and that turned me off.  I was thinking about just sleeping on it overnight when the Gateway guys called.

Chandler at Yates GMC/Buick did not have what I was looking for but a more knowledgeable and easy to work with sales professional would be hard to imagine.

Avondale Dodge had good inventory but their sales person had to keep going to his manager to get product information on trucks. Ask for a “truck guy” sales person if you go there.

Save yourself some hassle, and spend $39 and get a one year subscription to Consumer Reports.  Do all your price, reliability, and feature comparison there, it is very easy to do, and then go to the dealers.  After you drive something you like, get a copy of the window sticker and go back to CR and price it exactly.  That way you know how much the dealer has to offer.  They all know the marketplace very well, so don’t expect to get CR’s “best deal” every time.  It depends on how popular a model you want.

I would recommend any of these local dealers except Sands to anyone.  Gateway Chevrolet was the hungriest and most interested in meeting my terms, however.  And everything they told me came out exactly as they said it would.

If you have other recent car buying experiences in the Goodyear area, please feel free to comment on this post and/or email me at with your info and I will publish it.

10,000 Visits per Month

howardsgoodyearblog is pleased to report that readers have been visiting us at a rate of over 10,000 visits per month.

Thank you, GY for your support.

howardsgoodyearblog Fact Checks Arizona Republic.

Just to return the favor (AZR fact checked me improperly this past summer) I’ve decided to fact check the AZR.

AZR without doubt failed this fact check.

In today’s paper, your AZR “good news” reporter John Yentis (I guess Eddie didn’t provide enough good news so AZR got a replacement to cover GY) reports that there is a new “Pennsylvania-based” company named Saint-Gobain (StG) coming to GY who is going to get tax dollars from the state, the Feds, and soon, even your tax dollars from the city of GY.  All this in order to fill an empty building on Cotton Lane that was probably a deal to StG even without incentives and bring a whopping 50 new jobs to GY.

Except that Staint-Gobain is not a Pennsylvania based company as Mr. Yentis mistakenly reported.  StG is a 40 billion euros per year (about $60 billion US) company and they are headquartered at, Les Miroirs, 18 Ave. d’Alsace, 92400 Courbevoie, France. Here is the “English translation” of their annual report. Rapport_annuel_2010_EN

So how do you all feel now about giving your hard earned tax dollars to a $60 billion French company so that they can hire 50 people?

Yantis, you get ZERO stars, your report that StG is a PA based company is completely false.  They may have a US division in PA that allowed them to tell you they were US based but you did not do your homework properly.

Or do you think that Yantis just didn’t check what GY info officer Nora gave him to print and that GY doesn’t know it either?  Oops.

Augie’s Sept 2011 15% Off Coupon

2011 9 Augies Coupon0001

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