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I’ve been asking the question lately, “Why do politicians, even small time local ones like those in little old Goodyear, Arizona, mislead and double talk their constituents as Goodyear’s mayor, vice mayor, and at least one city councilman appear to have done over the recent prison flap?

Could it be because these politicians have “alternate” constituents besides their voting, resident, property-tax-paying, supporters?  Let’s take a look at Goodyear mayor Georgia for example.

In the most recent Goodyear election where only about 8,000 votes were cast, Georgia collected over $30,000 in contributions from 132 entities. She only spent about $18,000 (over $17,000 of that spend was with her out of town consulting firm Summit Group). That leaves her with at least $12,000 for her next campaign to win over 8,000 or so voters. You can find her totals and lists of contributors and spend at Goodyear’s website, or you can look at my spreadsheet summary here which is based on the Goodyear published data. contributions lists rev 1 (you may have to download and save this file first on your HD in order to view it)

I spent some time looking at the list and googling some of the names on the list to try to understand what some of their interests would be in supporting a small town candidate and have included what I learned in the “About” column for about 40 contributors.  From that simple and less than complete analysis I found that over one third of Georgia’s campaign money came from one of only three groups;

1. Developers over $5,330 (Westcor, Globe, EJM, Robson)

2. Fire union related contributors $1,845 (Phoenix to Tucson, to Mesa, to Surprise to Casa Grande)

3. Other PACs $3,880 (Realtors, COX, Homebuilders Assoc, SW Gas)

I’m asking readers to help me identify as many of Georgia’s 132 contributors as possible so we can understand even better who else she is working for besides Goodyear voters.  If you recognize any of the names on the list that I have not yet identified, or if you think I have any of them wrong, leave a comment here on my blog or send me an email at;

Nice to know who owns your city, and who from outside your city is running things for the mayor.


Take a Survey at city of Goodyear website.

Goodyear wants citizen input on how to select a new police chief.  Unfortunately, anyone, resident or not, can submit the 5 question survey and they don’t ask you for your name or address.  I know it’s lame but this is Goodyear and city management has demonstrated their incompetence time and again.

To avoid the police and fire unions from Flagstaff to Tucson (you know, the ones who contributed to the incumbents’ re-election campaigns) from loading up their own agendas in this survey (and you know they will) you, Goodyear voter and taxpayer need to TAKE THIS SURVEY!

Here is a link to the survey.

Here is how I answered the survey;

  1. What is the number one priority the new Police Chief needs to address?
    Many citizens of Goodyear do not trust the Goodyear police department for two reasons;
    1. Police boycotts of local businesses
    2. Internal mismanagement of and an apparent “old boys” network that appears to feel it is above the law.
    The new police chief needs to address the trust issue by cleaning house of the old guard Goodyear police.
  2. What are the most important characteristics the new Chief of Police should have?
    Independence from existing police force.
  3. What public safety issue do you think needs more attention?
    None. Goodyear spends way too much money on police in a town with virtually no crime.
  4. Is there anything you are willing to do or contribute which could help the new Police Chief succeed in this position?
    He can blog on my web site.  howardsgoodyearblog
  5. Is there anything else you would like the City to consider when selecting the new Police Chief?
    They should select someone with a proven record of fiscally conservative management of the force.

Why Don’t You Run for Council, Smarty?

A reader (critic) wrote to me yesterday;

to mynewbrain <>
date Wed, Jun 15, 2011 at 9:58 PM
subject Re: [pebblecreek] $2.36 mil and counting

If you think that our local government is so bad and you are so smart, why don’t you run for a position in our local government?
Molly Brown

My reply;

date Thu, Jun 16, 2011 at 8:37 AM
subject Re: [pebblecreek] $2.36 mil and counting

Hi, Molly.
I get this question sometimes.  Most times it is a serious question, sometimes it is just a rhetorical nasty comment like you intended.

The fact is that I only became a permanent resident of Goodyear in January 2009.  Prior to that we owned our home in Pebble Creek since 2003, but I was officially a resident of Illinois, where I worked until retiring in mid 2008. Goodyear’s charter prevents anyone from running for mayor or council unless you are a resident for at least two years. Since petitions to run had to be submitted by October or November, (of 2010) as I remember, I was short of the two year residency requirement.

I have thought about running in 2013 but writing the blog is really a lot of fun for me and I’m not sure I could keep doing it if I was on city council. Besides that, it appears one can’t win an election in Goodyear without the support of city employees, city unions, and local developers and I would never agree to align myself with, nor accept money from any special interest group like one of those.

I originally started the blog in order to defend Dr. Josh Hong and his family who were being boycotted by Goodyear’s public safety unions for the views Dr. Hong expressed as a result of what he learned when he volunteered for the Citizen’s Budget Committee, and no one in Goodyear’s government would speak out against the unions for the Hongs.  Later, only Jim Cavanaugh did.

At the time, I told the fire union leader I would keep blogging and pointing our their bullying ways until they publicly apologized to Dr. Hong (and the Rassas’ who own Ground Control) and promised never to do that again.  That has not happened, so I continue my posts.  At the time I started the blog I had no idea how corrupt and mismanaged this city really is.

However, if you and some friends want to start an, “elect Howard for city council” committee and start collecting signatures for me, I might consider it.  Let me know, ok Molly?

End of email.

But one more thing, Molly.  If you want to do something constructive, if you don’t believe my posts, why don’t you just send them to your elected officials and ask them to comment?  Perhaps then you’d believe me.  I’d be interested in their responses and I’d even be willing to post their replies on my blog.

AZ Central Opinion Article Blames City Council for Boycotts

Check out article in the AZ Republic.

Take A Poll; Should Every Goodyear City Council Member Take a Public Stand on the Police and Fire Boycotts?

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