Anthony Weiner, Michael Vick, Goodyear City Council

Your GY City Council

Your GY City Council

Can we all agree that Anthony Weiner and Michael Vick made a few pretty big mistakes in their lives recently? Weiner the married, non stop sexting maniac, and Vick a repeat animal abuser.

 But what do you think would happen if you sent Anthony or Michael a letter asking them what they plan to do in the future in order to prevent them from making similar mistakes? Don’t you think that they (or their publicist) would write you an apologetic, contrite response, stating that they made mistakes in their past but here are the things they are doing in order to improve their foolish ways of the past?

 Don’t you really think that these two morally perverse bad actors who have displayed some extremely bad habits would respond in that way?  Even bad guys as bad as these two?  I do.

 But what if you sent a letter to the City of Goodyear, Arizona, city council, and simply asked people WHO WORK FOR YOU what are they planning on doing differently in the future in order to avoid making BIG financial mistakes like giving Suntech $500,000 of our tax money for practically NO benefit to taxpayers? (TEN TIMES the comparative $$ given to Solyndra, by the way). Wouldn’t you expect AT LEAST as an apologetic reply from GEOrgia, Wally, Joe, Bill, Sheri, Joanne, and Sharolyn as you would expect from bad actors Anthony and Michael?  I mean, they DO work for you, don’t they?

 Think again.

 Goodyear resident and taxpayer Jake (name withheld) did just that a few weeks ago. (Jake Email to GEOrgia and council).  And what do you think our upstanding public servant know it alls in Goodyear replied to Jake?  Do you think they apologized?  Do you think that they even ACKNOWLEDGED any kind of mistake on their part? Do you think they could reply with an ANSWER to WHAT THEY PLAN TO DO IN THE FUTURE to avoid a similar fiasco?

 Are you kidding me?  They gave Jake an explanation of what they did and why it is so good for Jake.

 Rather than apologize, rather than tell Jake what they have done to prevent another disastrous MISTAKE like Suntech, (Jake Email to GEOrgia and council) here is a synopsis of what GEOrgia et al told Jake:

  1. We recruited Suntech starting in 2009 in the “depths of the recession” and it was APPROVED by city council. (oh my, approved by city council, I guess that makes it all OK).
  2. We did it because the state had cut training funds due to the recession. (cutting spending in a recession, sounds like a good idea to me).
  3. This was an INVESTMENT in job training skills which we have decided ARE GOOD FOR YOU TAXPAYERS.
  4. Suntech met all the requirements GY gave them. (Has it ever occurred to you that you may have written some pretty STUPID requirements then?  Has it?)
  5. We give money away to people we choose to give it away to as a way of CREATING JOBS. (Even though NOT ONE OF US has ever run or even managed our own business of any size or consequence.*)
  6. We think we are SO GOOD AT THIS that we continue to make even more plans to GIVE YOUR MONEY AWAY in the future.
  7. Write and ask us any questions you want in the future, (but don’t expect any apologies for our past mistakes as we push forward to make probably even bigger mistakes).

 You don’t have to believe me, folks.  Read their email that they sent Jake, signed, “Mayor and Council City of Goodyear”.  I’ve included a link to it above.

 So there you have it folks. Our GY city council members probably feel less moral and civic responsibility for their mistakes and learn less from them than bad moral characters like Anthony Weiner or Michael Vick.

 You elected them.


  • GEOrgia sold real estate in a booming up market for a few years one time.
  • Stipp is a 40 some year old “disabled, retired” former Goodyear fire fighter getting about $50,000 per year for the rest of his life, or until his back gets better, who claims his inability to perform “torsional” tasks due to his bad back, and carry a 23 pound breathing air canister is responsible for his disability. Stipp, however, is an avid golfer (back torsion) and even has a vanity plate which says “FORE ME” and by my estimate is probably four times more overweight than the weight of the 23 pound air canister he claims his back cannot support.  Stipp refused medical treatment after the event which claims he hurt his back on the job, so there is no evidence that the job injury caused his disability or not.  Stipp is the chairman of the Goodyear Retirement Review Board which rules on all retirement disability claims for the city.
  • Joanne’s husband runs a jewelry store but from Joanne’s performance in city council meetings on financial topics we know Joanne has little or nothing to do with the business side of that.
  • Wally is a lifelong government employee.
  • Joe is a lifelong Goodyear government employee.
  • Sharolyn is a former business supporter from the local chamber of commerce
  • Sheri is a lawyer. (By the way, did you hear the joke about why lawyers are like sperm? Because they have about a one in a million chance of becoming a human being some day).

Save Millions, Get Rid of GY Economic Development

Now that it is becoming apparent that Arizona and the Greater Phoenix Economic Council’s entire government directed solar incentive program is a bunch of hooey, is someone (Robert Robb) at the AZ Republic (Robb Solar Article) finally starting to “get it” when it comes to my years long reporting and analysis about how badly government spends your money?

Now that APS wants to bill solar panel homes $50 to $100 per month to “use APS’s grid” because everyone without solar power is subsidizing solar powered homes’ low power bills, did anyone think to ask, “didn’t you see this coming when you put this in motion?”

That’s just how STUPID (or dishonest, or full of themselves, take your pick) elected government “servants” tend to be.

And Speaking of STUPID…
Will it ever become fashionable for local reporters to start asking Goodyear’s  mayor GEOrgia and the rest of city council what makes them think they are so smart that they are smarter than markets?  Is it their claimed high school diplomas and “real estate” degrees? Will reporters start to finally ask where $35 million dollars has gone while the Goodyear city council claims they have, “lived within their means”?

Will someone besides me ask them why they paid $12 million dollars for a building their own appraiser said was worth only $8 million?

You decide.
Read Robb’s article in today’s AZ Republic (link above).

Then read what I’ve been saying for a few years now about Goodyear’s giveaways (links below).

Let’s give public money to McDonald’s

Trust me, I’m a journalism major.

 Where has $35 million of taxpayer money gone?

 GEOrgia is “Extremely Proud”.  Of wasting all that money?

 $500,000 frittered away on Suntech

 $450 per second economic development video.

 Barry Broome, “Only $3 million dollars.”

Billions In Economic Impact Take Flight

The Oxford flight training school is taking off from Goodyear. 30 employees will go to Mesa and hundreds of students will no longer train at GY airport each year.

Where are GEOrgia and Dalke with an economic impact survey? Shouldn’t we throw some money at someone to try to keep 30 jobs and 100’s of visitors each year? Compared to 8-10 solar panel workers and a half million dollar sewer pipe gifted to the Dick’s developer by GY council, this is really big news.

If you believe GY’s typical justifications to give away money to bribe businesses to locate here, the loss of jobs and visitors could reach TRILLIONs in lost economic benefit.

Oh yeah, I forgot, ALL of GY does not amount to even ONE trillion in GDP.

How Much of Your Tax Money Will GY’s “Retired” Former Fire Chief Get?

Editor’s note: Don’t blame the former chief. Kudos to him for playing the system so well. He’s won fair and square. The problem is with the morons (voters) who keep allowing this to happen.

GY’s former fire chief recently, “retired” after, according to the newspaper, a damaging consultant report told the city what a lousy job he’d been doing. The 49 year old, now disgraced, former chief will retire with “full benefits” plus, GY gave him an over $50,000 kiss goodbye.

The nice folks over at Goldwater Institute put me on to a web site that will, within reason, give you a pretty good estimate of what someone’s public pension will be.

So I put in the information I know about GY’s recently “retired” 49 year old former fire chief.

Here is what I know:

  1. According to the newspaper he is retiring with “full benefits” at age 49.
  2. Also according to the paper, in his last year of work he made $153,000. Now I also know that according to Goodyear, there have been precious few salary increases over the past few years. So I used $150,000 to answer the question, “what was your final average salary”?
  3. I assumed he started work at age 16 in order to give 33 years of service and try to get a complete “full retirement” amount.
  4. The web site (here it is) allows you to pick the state, what type of job he had, his age, years of service, etc. It appears to be pretty complete.

So according to the web site, how much are we tax payers going to pay GY’s former fire chief who only worked for 30 some years, to stay at home for the next 30 to 40 years?

$120,000 per year

And, according to the same web site, how much should we expect to pay him from now until he dies?



And you’re also going to pay for most of his health care too.

Want to figure out how much of a pension you are going to pay any public servant to sit on their butt for the next several decades?
Like say GY city manager Chairman Brian Dalke with his $186,000 salary?
Or how about the GY administrative assistant (secretary) who is making over $80,000 per year?

Here you go: calculate my pension AZ.

GEOrgia, “I’m Extremely Proud”.

Editor’s note: One observant reader notes that 2008 was an extremely low employment year to make comparisons to.  What did 2007 look like?  How about a comparison to that?  Want to bet that GY chose its comparison numbers very carefully?

In a glowing AZ Republic article about the “61% growth” in jobs in Goodyear since 2008 due ENTIRELY, of course, to the hard work of Goodyear city hall, GEOrgia was recently quoted by Goodyear city hall propagandist John Yandis* of the AZ Republic saying that she was, “extremely proud” of all that Goodyear had accomplished with all the new business expansions in Goodyear since 2008.

GEOrgia goes further to say, “we have been strategic in our efforts to attract quality business, and it is paying off.”

Really? More hooey from the mayor who does not even know what the unemployment rate is in her city. Haven’t I told you before to BEWARE POLITICIANS QUOTING PERCENTAGES through the media?

The Facts
According to Yantis’ aritcle, Goodyear added 1,841 new jobs since 2008 to a base of 3,040 jobs, for a 4 year growth of a whopping 61%.

Let’s assume those numbers are correct, although Goodyear neglects to mention how they got the numbers, where they got them, if they include businesses that have since closed (Suntech), or if and how many of these jobs are temporary or part time (many of them). So how strategic have GEOrgia and Goodyear been, and how much of your tax money have they spent, “attracting” all these great low paying, and many times part time or temporary jobs?

  1. Since 2008 Goodyear has GIVEN AWAY at least $3.2 million dollars in corporate welfare** to just FIVE businesses, Suntech, ST. Gobain, Dick’s, SAS, and SubZero. And who knows how many countless others? Did you see any of them on the big job creator list? Only one.
  2. Since 2008 Goodyear has spent another $4 plus million dollars funding the city’s Economic Development department including a $450 per second advertising video that became dated less than 6 months after it was produced. But the video did beat out a group of college students from New Mexico to win an “emmy” which also won GY’s now former public info officer a new job working for the state fish and game department.
  3. 600 of the claimed 1,841 new jobs were at Macy’s and CTCA which were expansions of existing businesses. How many more of the remaining 1200 jobs were expansions, you ask? Goodyear neglected to supply that information for Mr. Yantis’ article.

This leaves us with at best about 1200 new jobs in Goodyear while the city spent $7.2 million dollars of your money to get them. And much of the $7.2 million in costs are reoccurring each year.

And do any of these $7.2 million of your tax dollars include the cost of increased public safety to the city to protect new manufacturing sites? No.

Does it pay for their additional and sometimes substantial water and waste water demands? No. And Goodyear is running out of water treatment capacity as we speak.

And what of the damage that businesses’ heavy trucks do to the local roads? No again.

Bottom Line
Businesses are moving to Goodyear for one of the following THREE reasons, NONE of which does the city of Goodyear have ANYTHING to do with;

  1. 303 and I-10 interchange and the still relatively cheap land around it.
  2. Proximity to California but still west of Phoenix traffic.
  3. Beats the heck out of living in Yuma, Tonapah, or Salome. Can you imagine the dinner table discussion with Dick’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh transferees? “Honey, we’re moving to Yuma, AZ. No, I don’t know which deserts it is located between.”

The truth is that GEOrgia Lord and the rest of the seven dwarfs on Goodyear city council have yet to discover a spending/incentive program that they don’t all love. And they all love spending your money.

Tomorrow: The new GY Budget and YOUR 7.34% property tax rate increase in order to support all the new spending.

*Yantis can’t help it. He has deadlines and Goodyear’s Info Office just feeds him stuff to print.
** ST. Gobain details my estimate, $250,000 per year. Suntech $500k. SAS $250k. Subzero $650k. Dick’s $1.5 mil. Emmy Video $80k.

Sun Tech Files For Bankruptcy

How doth I tell you “I told you so”?

Let me count the ways, GEOrgia et al.

Stupid is as Stupid Does: Sun Tech Defaults

Editor’s Note: Sun Tech isn’t just closing their doors in GY as GEOrgia would have you believe. They are going out of business entirely.
How could your mayor who gave them $500k of you money be so uninformed? You ask that question about the same mayor who does not even know the unemployment rate in her own city?

You just can’t teach smart can you? But then again, 6,000 of you just re-elected her.

Previously I told you that Chinese owned Sun Tech who GEOrgia et al gave over half a million of your tax dollars to had closed its doors in GY. GEOrgia blamed it on nasty tariffs which the US imposed on China for unfair trade practices (a 6-0 vote by the trade commission by the way).

Yep, your mayor (and maybe Barry Broome) may have been the only public figure in America to speak out against these tariffs. How stupid is that?

Well, yesterday Sun Tech defaulted on over half a BILLION dollars in bonds. Think a tariff in the US causes that? Nope, it is just the rationalization of emerging technology businesses like solar panels and Sun Tech is not cutting it in the marketplace.

Told you so again, GY, GEOrgia, council, and Brian Dalke. It is STUPID for government to try to ‘pick winners’ especially in emerging technologies. But do you think that will stop GEOrgia and the rest of the incompetents on GY city council?

As I said before, if elected officials were so good at picking investment winners they would not have to work. They’d be independently wealthy. But they’re playing with YOUR money so what do they care about the risks? They just keep on rolling the dice.

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