City Council Meeting Tonight/ LINK TV12 Report

It could be an interesting GY council meeting tonight what with all the hubbub about the cops and their antics over the years as a result of the TV 12 report. (Here is a link to the TV12 report).

TV 12 reported on GY cops who have been fired for seemingly no reason and others who seem to have lifelong “get out of jail free” passes.

According to the TV12 report, one cop says he was fired because he got in an argument with his kid’s nursery school teacher who he says was the girlfriend of another cop. He says the real reason they fired him was because he wrote a memo about the cop who was implicated in the Pendleton case (Hardin).  Hardin continued to work for GYPD.

Another cop says he was fired after being accused by GY police second in command Jeff Rogers of falsely reporting a scratch on the tire rim of his vehicle.  I’m NOT making this up.  A scratch on his tire rim!!

Yet the same guy, Jeff Rogers, got drunk, called in a false burglary report, and then destroyed his own internal affairs report on his actions.  Rogers was not fired, he’s been promoted! And Rogers is now in line to be the next GYPD chief.

Then there is the sad case of Ms. Salia.  The lady who current chief Geyer brought with him from Yuma for an 86% salary increase.  She got drunk, then got beat up by her then (now former) boyfriend and somehow it got back to Geyer, who she says then fired her.

Is this how you want your taxes for public safety spent?  It sounds like a virtual Peyton Place at GYPD, with who you know more important than what you know, and it seems we have a lot of folks who like to get drunk and make trouble in charge.

You might want to attend the council meeting tonight. It could be entertaining.  This is what you get when you elect two former GY employees (Lyin Joe Pizzillo & Triple Dip Bill Stipp) three know nothing “community supporters” (GEOrgia, Wally “the dog ate my homework” Campbell, & deer in the headlights Joanne) a chamber of commerce advocate, and an apparently too busy with her own practice lawyer to GY city council.


Former GY Police Officer Speaks Out

I want to tell you about an email and letter I received from a former GY police officer named Julio Iglesias. If you would like to read the entire letter, just email him at:

I am sure he will send it to you if you ask. It is interesting reading. Whether you believe his claims or not is nearly irrelevant. The chaos he describes inside the city of GY and it’s police force is enough to make one ask, “who exactly is running this place”?

It seems Julio wrote a memo criticizing the GY cop who was implicated in the whole Pendleton case just before that tragedy occurred. The Pendleton case is the one where the local teenager was run over and killed by “someone” at 2 am while running away from a party that the GY police raided. The implicated police officer reported over radio that he ran over “something”.

Further investigation by GYPD has never resulted in any suspects, the implicated officer continued to work for GYPD.

Iglesias claims he was later fired by GY (twice) and he says it is because of his memo.

I have no reason to believe or doubt Iglesias’s claims. But I know one thing for certain. His is but one of MANY similar issues with GYPD.

GY settled out of court last year with Pendleton’s mom.
GY also settled for nearly $1.0 million with Terry Woodmansie over her whistleblowing in the Pendleton case.
Now the lady the police chief brought with him from Yuma and hired for an 86% salary increase is suing GY because she was fired for some kind of impropriety.

And oh yeah, rumor has it the current chief is on a short list for a new job in Florida. That would be 3 different chiefs in under 5 years. Is GY kicking him out because he is continuing to screw up or has he been here long enough to realize just how screwed up YOUR police department is?

You decide. But you also keep electing the same mayor and other incompetents to GY city council.

Someone should do a TV expose on this.

GY’s New $3.5 Million Dollar 911 Center

Goodyear is spending $3.5 million dollars because a building the size of your house (which can ONLY handle up to five operators at once) is not enough for our police department to handle on average ONE 911 CALL EVERY 20 MINUTES.

According to today’s AZ Republic, Goodyear is breaking ground on a new 10,000 sq ft 911 center that will cost taxpayers $3.5 million dollars. That is because they have “outgrown” their old one that is only 8 years old, needs a new air conditioner, and has not been properly sprayed for pests in the past.  They let a contract earlier this year to build it somewhere else but now they’ve changed their minds and are going to put it in the new $8 million dollar Venida Business Center for which the city of Goodyear just paid over $12 million. (the $3.5 million of for the 911 center is in addition to the $12.1 Goodyear paid for the building).

I wonder what they are going to do with the place that they let the contract on earlier this year and are now abandoning?  I’m sure they’ll think of something.

Goodyear had 25,000 911 calls the past year and expects that to grow to 29,000 this year (I don’t know how they know that). They have ‘only’ five work stations today to handle all those calls.

Let’s Analyze
25,000 calls per year is 3 per HOUR. One every 20 minutes.  And up to five people are working in “cramped” 2,000 sq ft conditions, to answer all three calls per hour. By the way, 2,000 sq feet is bigger than most people’s ENTIRE HOUSE.

So Goodyear is spending $3.5 million dollars because a building the size of your house (which can ONLY handle up to five operators at once) is not enough for our police department to handle ONE CALL EVERY 20 MINUTES.

Now I’m sure some of you are out there saying, “nothing is too good for whatever Goodyear police and fire need”.  But how hard do you think they’d be laughing at this in NYC, Detroit, Atlanta, or even Phoenix?

Council Person’s Reply; “The Dog Ate My Homework” *

Council Person’s Reply (CPR)

I told you to expect some nonsense “creative” excuse from Goodyear council person Wally Campbell to my inference that she panicked and mistakenly sent an email to me which was intended to alert Goodyear police chief Geier about a blog I wrote, didn’t I?

Well, sometimes I’m wrong. Wally’s reply? A not very creative;

“Hi Howard, Just saw this email from you — I apologize the complete message did not come through. I sent the email to you and to Chief Geier to ask you to meet with him and discuss your concerns.”

In other words, “the dog ate my homework, I really did write a nice responsive email to you, (one of my valued constituents) but for some reason, the complete message didn’t come through. You know these nasty computers, they screw up all the time, they never do exactly what you tell them to do, they just have a complete mind of their own”.

And one more thing, she says she sent the email to “ask you to meet with (Geier) to discuss your concerns”. But is the invitation still open? Did she include any of the imaginary email she says she sent me where she was trying to be so responsive? Here we are at the beginning of a new week and no further correspondence. I guess she thinks I’m some kind of mind reader who knows what it is that she wrote in that nice responsive email she sent that “didn’t come through” and I am now fully apprised of her intent and can go ahead and act on it? And of course even if she did write the imaginary response to which she refers, council person Wally ‘the dog ate my homework’ Campbell is not going to do anything about my concerns. Why should I expect a Goodyear city council person to act on looking into a documented 57% pay raise for a new $90,000 dollar per year position created to help GY police, “better present themselves”? I can just call the chief myself and see what he says, eh?

Of course I should always expect a complete and thorough reply like the imaginary one that Wally ‘the dog ate my homework’ Campbell says she sent me from anyone in the city of Goodyear Arizona. Why only this week, here is the reply I got from some low level city HR person to my voice mail request for information about how many applicants there were for Celaya’s new job. As usual, “submit a records request” has been the reply to me ever since Georgia became mayor. Submit a records request dirt bag

9:12 AM
And when did our dauntless, conscientious council person finally get around to sending her explanatory email to me? At exactly 9:12 am on Aug 31, or exactly 49 minutes after I posted my second article on the Celaya hiring topic, “Wally’s First Priority” an article accusing our fine council person of notifying Geier first before even thinking of doing anything else, and over TWO DAYS after her email gaffe and two separate emails from me asking her what her email with Geier’s email address in the body of the email but sent to me was all about. Here is the entire email string. Wally email string Geier Celaya

Goodyear Taxpayers be Damned
Yep, Wally ‘the dog ate my homework’ Campbell really cares a lot about what you and I think of her actions to not only write a weak excuse like that but to assume that the public will swallow it. She sure must have a high opinion about all of our reading comprehension skills and what conclusions we might all draw from such a lame response.

But on the other hand, why should she care? Wally ‘the dog ate my homework’ Campbell and the rest of the seven dwarfs on Goodyear city council feel completely insulated and untouchable from their taxpayer constituents. They are secure in the fact that through their connections with city employees, police and fire union pacs from all over the state, and special interest groups like developers and corporations who they’ve doled out tax breaks to, they will get re-elected and the average Goodyear taxpayer be damned.

By today GEOrgia and her handlers have probably told Wally ‘my dog ate my homework’ Campbell to just shut up and stop talking to that annoying goodyearblogger.

*special cudos to a friend who came up with this story line summary after I showed him Wally ‘the dog ate my homework’ Campbell’s email reply to me. Friend, you hit the nail right on the head and I’m still laughing my butt off!

Wally’s First Priority? Alert Geier

If you want to really know who a person is, what their abilities are, what they really believe in, and what their priorities are, watch what they do during the first sign of trouble. I had a recent opportunity to observe just that with Goodyear city council person Wally Campbell in the past two days.

Wally’s Revelation
Since Wally lives in Pebble Creek, she can access the Pebble Creek electronic “message board” where I usually post links to new stories that I write for my blog. Two days ago was no different when I posted a link to an article about new GY police chief Geier hiring a female former colleague from Geier’s last police chief job in Yuma to come join him on Goodyear’s police force doing basically the same work that she had been doing for Yuma as a sergeant for $56,000 but hiring her as a Goodyear police lieutenant for nearly $90,000.

Now, if you were a Goodyear city council person and you read that story on a conservative message board what would you do? Think about that before you read on.

Or, take the actual case here. What would you expect your taxpayer elected city council member to do first thing after finding out about something like that? (Set aside for a moment the outrageous incompetence displayed by a city council member in a small town who perhaps does not even know about a hiring travesty like this).

Here are a few of my suggestions for what one of the first emails that a council person looking out for my interests as a taxpayer might draft would look like;

  1. email to city manager Brain Dalke; “What on earth is going on here? Is this correct? Why would we hire someone for a 57% increase to do the exact same work?”
  2. email to police chief Jerry Geier; “You had better have an exceptionally good explanation for this if even half of what is reported here is true!”
  3. email to mayor Georgia Lord; “Can you believe this? This is the guy who was supposed to clean up our police department. Did you know about this Georgia? And if you didn’t know about it why didn’t our new city manager who is supposed to be on the same page as us tell us about this?”

What Wally Did
But none of that is what Goodyear council person Wally Campbell did. Nope. Instead, Goodyear council person Wally Campbell, apparently within minutes of becoming aware of my article on chief Geier’s outrageous hiring practices, sent Chief Geier an email to alert him to the situation. What did she write to express her outrage at such a thing? She didn’t write anything! It was just a “heads up”. You better know about and watch out for this curve ball coming down the pike at you, chief.

Goodyear taxpayers need no further evidence than this to see just how tight Goodyear city council is with the public safety interests in Goodyear when a city council person’s first reaction to this kind of situation is to send a heads up to the person who instigated a questionable practice.

Wait A Minute. How does howardsgoodyearblog know all of this?
How do I know all of this? Because here is the email that Wally (tried to) send to Geier;

Wally’s alert email to Geier. Wally alert email to Geier

And how did I get this email from Wally? SHE MISTAKENLY SENT IT TO ME!

Best I can figure, Wally was so flustered after reading this that she pushed the wrong buttons on her smart-phone, and instead of sending an email to as she intended (you see she typed the email address in the body of the email rather than the addressee line) she hit reply and bingo! She replied to me with chief Geier’s email address in the body of the email.

I guess that’s why they call them smart-phones.

Georgia Lord did the same thing when I exposed her directing her public relations firm checking signatures to try to disqualify other mayoral candidates in the last election. This is one of the reasons that many states require older persons to take frequent driver’s tests as they age, because of their sometimes inappropriate reactions in times of crisis. Add to this the fact that Georgia and Wally probably aren’t very good to start with on how to operate most of the features of their city provided technology like the ipads/laptops they awarded themselves last year.

What Will Wally Say?
Wally will tell you… oh, who knows what Wally will tell you to explain an alert email with NO comment whatsoever within minutes to chief Geier. Obviously the first thing she thought to do. I’m sure she’ll come up with something really creative like the last time when she said she did not meet with the GEO prison lobbyist in a local sandwich shop, nor did she know anything about the whole prison debacle, even though she was having lunch at the time in the same restaurant with the Goodyear employee who had brought the whole deal to the city and encouraged them to do it AND THE GEO LOBBYIST JUST HAPPENED TO BE THERE TOO! Wally Prison Article

By the way, I’ve sent two separate emails to Wally asking her what she was doing and why she sent me this, and my duly elected city council public official Wally Campbell has not found time in her busy schedule to respond to my questions. But she sure had time to immediately respond to her comrade in arms chief Geier.

I’d love to hear your explanation for this gaffe, Wally (well, maybe not). But I would probably believe you no more than I did when I told you that I did not believe your story about not knowing anything about the prison.

Nearly 2,000 Visits in Past Two Days

Thank you readers.
There have been nearly 2,000 visitors to howardsgoodyearblog in the past two days.
It took only about 4,500 votes to win a GY mayor or council seat last election. Maybe there is still a chance to fix this mess in city hall.

Goodyear PD Chief Gives Former Female Colleague 57% Pay Increase to Come Join Him in GY to Help GY Cops, “Better Present Themselves”

According to Goodyear’s Infocus magazine and information gathered by howardsgoodyearblog from city personnel files, Goodyear’s new police chief, Jerry Geier, has hired a former female colleague of his from the Yuma PD to work as a lieutenant in the Goodyear PD.  Geier awarded former Yuma police sergeant Kimberly Celaya a 42% salary increase to come to Goodyear and then gave her an additional 10% increase with a pay grade increase after only 20 days on the job for a total salary increase of 57% in less than 30 days.

According to her GY personnel file, Yuma police sergeant Kimberly Celaya was making $56,094 dollars per year in Yuma until June 1, 2012, where she had been a police sergeant for just over two years. But she was hired as a lieutenant in Goodyear at $79,821 dollars per year on June 10, 2012, and on July 1, 2012 she was given a salary adjustment and pay grade change to $88,107 dollars per year.  Here is a link to parts of Celaya’s Goodyear personnel file which documents her meteoric income rise. (Celaya Pers File0001)

Celaya was featured in Goodyear’s most recent Infocus magazine (the bi-monthly political advertizement of the city of Goodyear).  Here’s a link to the article.  In that article, Celaya’s new police lieutenant responsibilities in Goodyear were described as;

(Celaya will) “build a new hiring and recruitment unit that will help officers identify opportunities for advancement and connect with potential new officers through community appearances and events.”

From this description, her primary function appears to be helping the 80 or so actual on the street Goodyear police officers figure out how to get promotions and show them how to find new recruits by attending more city events and making better “appearances”.  Celaya is quoted in the article saying that one of her primary responsibilities is to help Goodyear PD officers, “better present themselves”.

Are you getting this Goodyear taxpayers?  Is this a real job or just a good way to bring a former well liked colleague to the Goodyear high pay feed trough? Imagine in this economy getting a total 57% salary increase in less than 30 days?

But before we make a rash judgement on the facts thus far presented, let’s give Chief Geier and his pal Kimberly the benefit of the doubt and look a little more closely at the circumstances surrounding this event. Is this just coincidence, or does thirty something, divorced mother of several kids Ms., (now Lt. Kimberly) Celaya have some special qualifications that make her so attractive and invaluable to chief Geier?

Let’s check.

The Infocus article calls Ms. Celaya a “career police patrol officer” but her personnel file does not exactly reflect that.  In her 20 year career since starting out in the army she has worked as a police officer for a little over 10 years. She has bounced around from job to job during that time sometimes in police work, sometimes not.  She did four years in the army in North Carolina from ’92 to ’99.  She has no college degree, a few courses at AZ W. College in Yuma, some army training, and one might assume a high school graduate but nowhere in her Goodyear personnel file resume does she claim she graduated from high school. After the army she got a job for two years in Fayetteville, NC as a police officer.  She says she left the job in Fayetteville to relocate due to getting divorced.

Celaya worked 5 1/2 years in Yuma PD, remaining a police officer, until she left the police force to be a realtor.  Apparently that didn’t work out for her because two years later in 2007 she got herself rehired in Yuma once again as an officer while she says she continued to work part time in real estate.

Until this point in her 15 year work career, there is no evidence that Celaya had ever received a promotion. That changed in September of 2009, 6 months after Jerry Geier arrived in Yuma as police chief when she was promoted to sergeant in Yuma (supervising 7 employees) and according to the Goodyear Infocus article, doing the same kind of work for which Goodyear just hired her for then Yuma chief Geier.  That is, helping police officers, “better present themselves” and “identify opportunities for advancement”.

The only other interesting information yielded from her personnel file is that for some reason, Celaya says she is exempt from US Income Tax deductions. It is also noted in the file on a separate page (in large letters) that the GY PD did her background check, not GY HR, and that she says she heard about the job, “from the city web site”.  When asked, an official in GY HR replied that based upon what is in the file, she could not determine if Ms. Celaya had graduated from high school.

Based upon this information, taxpayers have to decide for themselves whether or not Celaya is qualified to take home nearly $90,000 per year of your tax dollars teaching police officers how to look better.  One thing appears certain, however. Ms Celaya appears to be a pro at looking pretty good to Goodyear police chief Jerry Geier.

All of this is going on in a bankrupt desert town which has borrowed so much money that they have lost “bonding capacity” and could only continue to borrow to buy an overpriced building to office their almost daily growth of city staff by getting a mortgage loan at a bank.

Another example of the fine job Georgia Lord and the rest of the seven dwarfs on city council are doing looking out for your hard earned tax dollars.

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