Juvenile Narcissits

In our last episode, our hero (that’s me, howardsgoodyearblog) had graciously invited a far left liberal (Terwilliger) to post his opposing views on our hero’s blog. This, even though the far left liberal had initially name called our hero on the community message board.

 In today’s episode, we find our hero beleaguered by an apparently even farther left loon, who repeatedly refers to himself in the third person plural (that tells you something, eh?) as one of the “Boji Boys” whatever that means*. Boji rants interminably on the message board in literally hundreds of words in multiple postings (all of which break multiple message board posting rules about discussions, debates, political opinions, etc etc) about our hero’s inexcusable behavior of posting links on the previously mentioned community message board which Boji says should be outlawed because these links lead to our hero’s opinions and “everybody know they are just his opinions”.  It is as if Boji enjoys staring into someone’s high beams coming at him and cursing instead of just looking away from them.

 But hold on just a minute, something is not adding up here. First of all, this latest post on our hero’s blog, the link to which Boji finds so objectionable, was Terwilliger’s response to our hero’s invitation to post his facts supporting Terwilliger’s opinion.

It was a LIBERAL’s opinion, not our hero’s opinion.

 And second, the message board moderators, who have more than once in the past moderated our hero and explained to our hero what the message board rules are and that he MUST obey all the rules, (which he does) are firm in their position that posting links on said message board is COMPLETELY WITHIN THE RULES.

 So why is some guy who refers to himself in the plural third person breaking all the message board rules while ranting on about obeying message board rules?  Is this a political thing?

 I don’t think so.  On the surface maybe, but let’s take a closer look.

 I Met a Liberal This Week
This past week a lady who I do not even know came up to me and said, “are you Howard, of howardsgoodyearblog?”  Yes. “Well, I want you to know that I have considered myself to be a liberal all my life, and while I do not agree with most of what I read on your blog, I want to apologize to you for the behavior of those people who have recently posted on your blog and on our message board and want to restrict it. They are as much of an embarrassment to me as a liberal as I am certain far right conservative kooks are to you.”

 That lady was saying, “don’t paint me with the same brush as Boji and others.”

 I gave that lady a hug.

 Thanks, Moderators
Credit to the message board moderators for allowing Boji to continue his rant even while breaking all the message board rules.  I think they have done a service to the community by allowing Boji to have an extended temper tantrum in the public square.  It lets people know who and what they are dealing with.

 Next, what the liberal lady has suggested in her comment to me is that what Boji is doing is not about politics, opinions, rules, or anything close to that. Boji is simply an attention starved juvenile narcissist. By throwing a temper tantrum on the community message board, Boji sees first and foremost, that he gets attention.  That is because others respond to his posts and then he gets to post something else. More attention. This is what attention craving babies do when they want something they can’t have.  They just keep on crying until they either run out of gas, or get what they want, or… get attention.

 In fact, most of the time it may not get them what they want, but unless their parents have the will power, it will at least get them attention. And every time it gets them attention, it reinforces their behavior so they are even more apt to do it again and again and again.

 A Message to All the Adults in the Room
What is the best way to handle a child having a tantrum?  Any teacher, concerned parent, or child psychologist will tell you the best way to handle a child having a tantrum is to IGNORE THEM.

 So my advice to message boarders, IGNORE THEM.  Hit the delete button with joy in your heart even if Boji or others like him is simply looking for his lost cat (I know that sounds mean but I don’t like cats anyway) Don’t even read Boji’s next post because you are really doing Boji and other attention craving juvenile narcissists a favor by denying them attention.  It may take awhile, but they’ll eventually get the message. Maybe it will help them out in some way.

 And as the moderators have wisely stated, hit the delete button with my posts if it makes you feel better too.

*Boji defined on the web.     You see, they just want attention.


Name Calling Liberals

Some of my liberal neighbors took exception to an article I recently posted where I gave several current examples of how liberals like to control things. As is typical with liberals, rather than make a fact based counter argument to what I had written, these guys just name-called on our neighborhood message board accusing me of getting special treatment, not knowing anything, etc.  Here is what they wrote:

From: Dabear <amkjpk@yahoo.com>
Date: December 1, 2013 9:02:57 PM MST
To: pebblecreek@yahoogroups.com
Subject: Re: [pebblecreek] Re: Liberals Know Best

  Absolutely correct but keep in mind it is not what you know but who you know.
Being a drummer I am sure helps his cause.
John Kuck

On Sun, 12/1/13, Twig <twig85395@aol.com> wrote:
Subject: [pebblecreek] Re: Liberals Know Best
To: “pebblecreek@yahoogroups.com” <pebblecreek@yahoogroups.com>
Date: Sunday, December 1, 2013, 8:51 PM
No political comments allowed unless your name is
Howard Brodbeck!!!!!
Jim Terwilliger

I suppose that years of support from the main stream liberal leaning media, has made name calling the favorite liberal response to any information that liberals disagree with.

But nice guy that I am, I decided to give these guys another chance and I called the first guy, Terwilliger, and asked him what exactly had I written that he did not agree with? And while he could not enunciate that on the phone,  I went even further and offered that if he did not like what I wrote, why not send me a fact based article that refutes what I said and I will publish it on howardsgoodyearblog.  After all, howardsgoodyearblog is open to that kind of fact based discourse.

I got Terwilliger’s response in the mail today and it is included IN IT’S ENTIRETY below.

Here is the Reader’s Digest version.
Terwilliger wrote that:

  1. Tea Party Republicans are, “white supremacists”
  2. George Bush started the bailout of the auto industry, not Obama
  3. Republicans “see war as the answer to every geopolitical question”
  4. “the only answer Conservatives ever see is war”
  5. Bush lied about WMDs in Iraq. (Never mind that every legislator from either party who saw the data at the time agreed with him).
  6. “Unlike Fox (News), the rest of the media goes after the President, regardless of his party”. Oh puulleeze.
  7. “Lying about Benghazi has been the operating basis of propaganda by Fox (News) and House Republicans ever since those four Americans were murdered”
  8. It is an “out right lie” that the IRS did anything to delay conservative groups from getting proper tax status
  9. Voter ID is just, “an effective minority disenfranchisement method”
  10. “Blaming liberals is pure projection.  Isn’t projection the term used when you project your sins, actions, skills and attributes on others?”
  11. “The only groups telling which healthcare people MUST buy are the health insurance companies” NOT Obamacare?
  12. Obama did not lie about Obamacare (as recently as September of this year) because, according to Terwilliger, “The law was still being edited and negotiated by the House and the Senate up until the moment it was passed”
  13. “the Confederate traitor flag is ALWAYS present at Tea Party rallies”
  14. And of course, I’ve saved the best for last.  The reason for all of this is that, “Was it simply because there was a WHITE Republican in our White House instead of an African-American Democrat.  (Conservative denial of right-wing & Tea Party racism is a joke.)”

I’m not making this up.  As I said above, his entire email is included below.

In Summary.
Terwilliger’s FACT BASED counter argument is that, if you are either a Conservative or a Republican, it is because you are a lying, racist, Fox News watching, misled, war mongering, moron who has all these problems simply because you feel guilty for all the sins you have that you project on others.

I rest my case.

Now here is the entire email:

Terwilliger Response

Twig <twig85395@aol.com>
12:33 PM (7 hours ago)

to me

Mr Howard Brodbeck,

I’ve copied your blog entry, then I’ve broken it up into individual statements and added my comments.

Liberals Know Best
Posted on November 25, 2013 by Howard’s Goodyear

Make a deal with Assad on chemicals which gives him time to kill off more of his opposition.
Make a deal with Iran. Don’t worry, we liberals can control them.
Control the press. Tap their phones, reduce access to photo ops so the WH network controls images, and while we ‘re at it, lie about Benghazi, it doesn’t fit our narrative.
Control and steal an election by having the IRS delay opponents’ organizing.
Tell everyone which healthcare they must buy, how much they have to pay for it and lie about it in advance to get it passed.
It’s ok, though, liberals know what’s best so the end justifies the means.


,.,Mr Brodbeck, you said that each statement you made in your blog entry, Liberals Know Best, was fact, supported, and if I disagreed, I would have to support my arguments.

With the exception of members of the white supremacist ‘tea’ wing of the Republican Party, I don’t know of many who consider President Obama to be a liberal.  Certainly not the Wall Street, corporate Republicans.  He has followed a great many of George Bush’s policies, he adopted a conservative Republican think tank’s health care plan, he kept the Republican Secretary of Defense and followed his advice about expanding the war,  he continued George Bush’s policy on dealing with the Wall Street disaster,  and followed Bush’s bailout of Detroit automakers.

………… Make a deal with Assad on chemicals which gives him time to kill off more of his opposition.

It is hard to discuss alternatives to war when you are talking to Republicans who see war as the answer to every geopolitical question.  For Republicans, war is the logical answer.  Have any of us heard a Republican argue against a chance to go to war?   Those who die in war are usually the poor and minorities.  The Republican financial machine, the Defense Contractors, make billions in profits from war.

…If the alternative to war is diplomacy, yes, give peace a chance.  We have one war still underway in the Middle East, and we’ve just ended one.  The neocons sold Americans a package of lies, to convince Americans to support a war in Iraq.  Mr Cheney, Bolton, and the rest of the neocons told us that the U.S. Involvement would end in six months and that war would pay for itself.  Lies.  That Saddam had WMDs.  Lies.  That Saddam was this and that. Lies.  The only true thing that the Republicans had to say about Saddam was that he was a bad guy, but there are a lot of bad guy dictators out there, but only one had massive oil reserves.

Mr Brodbeck, who do you support in Syria?

Assad, a ruthless dictator, murdering citizens and sponsored by Iran?

The opposition, made up of al Qaeda and other terror groups.

If the U.S. Alliance can negotiate the destruction of the chemical weapons, isn’t that a better solution for every except executives with the defense industry who won’t be able to sell more missiles.     Of course, the only answer Conservatives ever see is war; afterall, diplomacy isn’t as much fun as watching C-5As unload caskets at Dover Air Force Base.  (Under President Obama, the press is allowed to cover those ceremonies, unlike under Bush, when it was hidden and off-limits to the media.  The families wanted the press to cover it, but it wasn’t a photo op that Bush wanted.  Who is it that tries to control the press?)

…………   Make a deal with Iran.

What is your proposed alternative?

War – an insane proposal.  Conservative answer for all questions.

The status quo – letting things stay the same?  Let the Iranians continue enriching uranium, preparing for a weapon.

Bush faked and danced at diplomacy over the fake Iraqi WMDs.  He turned Iraq over to the  Conservatives and neocons, and all they could accomplish was dead Americans, million-dollar bonuses for defense contractors and Wall Street, and trillions in U.S. Debt.

………….. Control the press.

Yeah, that has been a terrific success, hasn’t it!

What politician doesn’t try to control the press?

Fox news no longer exists.

All coverage has been positive.

We haven’t heard all of the Republicans, the media, even so many Democrats, complaining about everything from health care to Syria to Iran etc.

Unlike Fox, the rest of the media goes after the President, regardless of his party.

We saw Fox fawning over Bush-Cheney, offering a forum for Bolton to babble, while the rest of the media offered Donald Trump and Arpaio an open microphone to go after where the President was born.  (Too bad Cruz can’t run for President, since he is a dual citizen of Canada and the USA.  Of course, he has one parent who is an American, so he is a natural born citizen.  No different than John McCain. Nonetheless, Conservative racists continue to call our President a ‘Kenyan.’)

………….. Tap their phones

Let’s see, using the Patriot Act to take extra-ordinary steps to find the government official who leaked the information that let Al Qaeda learn that we had an informant in their leadership actually worked.  Secret wiretaps of AP phones to find the leaker was wrong, but are allowable under Bush-Cheney’s miss-named Patriot Act, which gives the federal government to do as it pleases.  Isn’t it funny how right-wingers loved the Patriot Act up until a Democratic President started using it.  The trust us, trust us litany became, not that guy.

………….. reduce access to photo ops so the WH network controls images

– golly, politicians controlling photo ops.

Maybe this White House learned something from the coverage of Bush being on vacation for a third of his Presidency.  When you don’t control photo ops, you end up with John McCain singing ‘bomb, bomb, bomb Iran.’  You end up with Sarah Palin doing a stand up about saving a turkey, while a worker slaughters three turkeys in the background.

………….. “lie about Benghazi”

Lying about Benghazi has been the operating basis of propaganda by Fox and House Republicans ever since those four Americans were murdered.  Darryl Issa conducted sham hearings which did wonders for the reputation of the Republicans.

How many embassy personnel were killed under the Bush/Cheney regime?  (Over 25).

1. Jan. 22, 2002: Harkat-ul-Jihad al-Islami Attacks Indian U.S. Consulate
2. June 14, 2002: U.S. Consulate, Karachi, Suicide Car-Bomb
3. Oct. 12, 2002:  U.S. Consulate, Bali, Bombed
4. Feb. 28, 2003: Consulate in Karachi, Pakistan, Second Attacked
5. May 12, 2003: U.S. Compound in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 9 Americans Die
6. July 30, 2004: U.S. Embassy in Tashkent, Uzbekistan
7. Dec. 6, 2004:  U.S. consulate, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 5 Staff & 4 Security Guards Die
8. March 2, 2006: U.S. Consulate, Karachi, Killed U.S. Diplomat David Foy killed
This was a planned and coordinated attack that nobody covered as more than a news item.
9. Sept. 12, 2006: U.S. compound, Damascus, Syria, four killed
10. Jan. 12, 2007:  U.S. Embassy consulate, Greece
11. March 18, 2008: U.S. Embassy, Sana’a, Yemen, killing 19 people & injuring 16.
12. July 9, 2008: U.S. Consulate Istanbul, Turkey,
13. Sept. 17, 2008: U.S. Embassy, Sana’a, Yemen, killing 16 People Including 2 Americans Die (Eighteen-year-old American Susan El-Baneh and her husband of three weeks died holding hands.)

How much did you & Conservatives complain about those attacks and their deaths?
How loudly did you & Conservatives demand investigations?

Why not?
Was it simply because there was a WHITE Republican in our White House instead of an African-American Democrat.  (Conservative denial of right-wing & Tea Party racism is a joke.)

Benghazi is the most powerful statement of right-wing hypocrisy and dishonesty.  This is absolute proof of the inability of the right-wing Tea Party and other Republicans to express integrity, or offer honest and pro-American criticism.

How would you have handled Benghazi?

Not knowing what was going on, would you have sent in the 12 Marines you had in the capital?

Would you have sent in fighter jets to level the  site?  That would have ended the attack, but the results would have been the same.  Maybe, if the Republicans had not slashed hundreds of millions of dollars out of the State Department Embassy and Consulate security budget, they could have had adequate security instead of relying on hired local militia.  That is just supposition, but it was a contributing factor.

The U.S. is moving the Vatican embassy behind the protective walls of the U.S. embassy to Italy,  because of security concerns , and Jeb Bush & the RNC are leading the right-wing propaganda attack on that move, claiming that the President is closing the Vatican embassy.  One second, Republicans are slashing funding for embassy security, then they are whining about security at Benghazi, then they are whining about making the Vatican embassy safer.

………….. Control and steal an election by having the IRS delay opponents’ organizing.

Outright lies are hard to debate.  If you want to make up things, quote Fox and Limbaugh writers, go ahead, but don’t pretend to expect honest, intelligent debate over lies and fairy tales.
How did the IRS prevent Republicans from dishonestly registering far right political organizations as non political, tax-exempt social organizations?  The only groups blocked were liberal groups.
That is a lie, sir.

Unlike the Republicans, the Democrats do not prevent legitimate voters from voting.  Passing anti-voter laws that do not apply to Republican primaries, but do apply to national elections, was an interesting, but anti-American idea. It allowed any registered Republican who wanted, to vote for Republicans; but, when it comes to national elections, carefully limit who can vote.
Passing ID photo laws, after researching which forms of ID are not in widespread use in minority groups is an effective minority disenfranchisement method.  Picking and choosing which government issued IDs are accepted.  Aiming disenfranchisement efforts at African-Americans & Hispanics would be considered racist by most Americans, but right-wingers consider it a means to an end.

Controlling, stealing elections and gerrymandering has been an extremely useful right-wing enterprise in recent years.  Between gerrymandering and disenfranchising minority voters, the Republicans control the House.

Blaming liberals is pure projection.  Isn’t projection the term used when you project your sins, actions, skills and attributes on others?

………….. Tell everyone which healthcare they must buy, how much they have to pay for it and lie about it in advance to get it passed.

Once again, you validate my accusation of your inability to offer a honest argument.  The only groups telling which healthcare people MUST buy are the health insurance companies.  That is one of those unfortunate facts.

The one fact, actual fact, than truly angers right-wingers is that the health care act was designed, developed, and sold by Republican Conservative Intellectuals, starting in 1994.  (At one time, conservative intellectuals actually existed.)

The Heritage Foundation used to be the Republican think tank until the Tea Party’s former Senator Jim DeMint took it over.  The Heritage Foundation developed and spent years selling the national health care proposal.  Heritage worked with Romney to develop and institute that health care act.  Heritage, Romney, and the right-wing kept pushing for their health care act on a national scale.  President Obama brought the Heritage and Romney ‘experts’ together to design the national health care act.  Republicans were demanding it until the President adopted it, then they hypocritically decided they hated it.  Conservatives lack the integrity and patriotism to honestly admit that this is their plan, that they lobbied and demanded that it be instituted nationally.

Your falsehood that Democrats lied about it to pass it adds zero value to the discussion.  You claim that the healthcare law tells citizens which healthcare they must buy from insurance companies.  Just because it is a Fox talking point, doesn’t make it factual.

You are correct on one point.  The law does not limit what health insurance companies can charge.  It requires Health Insurance Companies to spend over 80% of the premiums they receive on health care. That means, they can’t claim million dollar bonuses for executives, conferences in Tahiti, private jets, vacation junkets, as deductible overhead, and deduct it from premium income.  They have to actually provide the service that people pay them to provide.

How did the President lie about the law before it was passed?  The law was still being edited and negotiated by the House and the Senate up until the moment it was passed.  That is just the way Congress works on major legislation.

The healthcare law is not the law that liberals wanted.  It isn’t a single payer.  The healthcare law protects Americans from being ripped off by con men posing as healthcare insurers.

……….  It’s ok, though, liberals know what’s best so the end justifies the means.

We all understand that conservatives actually know what’s best, so the end justifies the means they use to gain control.   We see that in voter suppression efforts.  We saw that in Iraq.    We know it because the Conservatives want to slash food stamps given to the poor, of which 90,000 are veterans.  We saw that as tens of thousands of minority and poor voters are dishonestly disenfranchised in state after state across America.   Conservatives have discovered that they can win when they don’t allow the Americans they hate to vote, and they actually steal elections.  Republicans tried that in our home state of Virginia.  It was voted down in my family’s home state of Illinois.

The next attack I expect will be that President Obama has closed the embassy to the Vatican, because the Republican National Committee said so.  The embassy is actually moving from one building to another because of security and leasing costs.  We wouldn’t want a Benghazi in the Vatican would we, but Jeb Bush is now peddling the latest Republican lie.  Wonder why Jeb Bush is repeating the Pope’s comments about trickle-down economics and capitalism, but then, last Wednesday, Rush Limbaugh told us that the Pope is preaching Marxism.  Thank goodness, we have a Republican leader setting us straight about that Pope!

As an addenda, when the Tea Party faction took over the Veteran’s Day rally on the Mall, the Tea Party invited Larry Elliot Klayman to speak.  This hate-spewing, nullification-preaching, anti-Christian thug spoke in the presence of a current United States Senator and the House member who was the candidate for Vice President.  That Senator has viable aspiration of running for the Republican nomination for the Presidency.  Yes, the Tea Party is the strongest conservative faction in the Republican Party, and those Tea Party supporters cheered the cretin standing in front of our White House with the confederate battle flag, the same flag that the confederate traitors carried into battle against the United States of America.  Why is it that the Confederate traitor flag is ALWAYS present at Tea Party rallies?

Jim Terwilliger

Guest Blogger; Government Gone Wild by Norman Andrews

by Norman Andrews
Editor’s Note;  It’s not just Goodyear who has been overspending, adding employees, raising salaries….
Please see/propagate the link to the 3 Minute 40 second video (Four
paragraphs below). The gist of the following short video is: The recent
huge growth in the number of public sector employees expected to vote for
big government. According to the video:
Since the beginning of the recession in early 2008, while private sector
employees have either lost a job or are feeling insecure about their jobs
and their ability to retire with adequate income, big government has been
growing like a ravenous tumor, and is now Enormous Government.
Thirty-two percent of voters have a financial interest in big government
either directly through their own employment by the government, or through
a relative being employed by the government. When the percentage
increases from 32% to 50% it is likely to be “game over” for freedom
in the U.S..
My take: BOTH PARTIES ARE AT FAULT. Both parties need to CHANGE!!!
The GRASSROOTS needs to decide: what are and are NOT the proper functions
of government. This debate WAS NOT appropriately heard in the media-controlled
primary debates. Secondly, classes on the U.S. Constitution are in needed–and
there are good online courses available.
Thank you!
Norman Andrews, andrews001@gmail.com
Pebblecreek’s Constitutional Republican
(Please pay attention!!!–This may be our Last Chance for Liberty!)

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howardsgoodyearblog has exceeded 100,000 visits since its inception two years ago in July of 2010.

Thanks to our readers.

More Great News From Goodyear; by Gary Gibbs

by Gary Gibbs

My copy of the taxpayer funded Goodyear city council propaganda magazine, Infocus, appeared in the mailbox today. I couldn’t wait to read it to discover all the good news I’ve been missing. I was not disappointed.

The tax on bread, milk, eggs and butter is going to be reduced for the second year in a row! Since it was first lowered last September, we’ve been saving 25 cents on every $100 spent at Safeway, Fry’s and Bashas. That will skyrocket to 50 cents per $100 in a few months. Boy, one can sure do a lot with a little more discretionary income.

But alas, property taxes are going up (also for the second year in a row.) So much for all that money you and I thought we were saving at the grocery store. What one hand of our city government giveth, the other hand taketh away (and showers it on city employees in the form of a raise, as is being done this year). It is the way of the world, at least according to Georgia Lord et al.

Further good news includes the addition of 30 new businesses in the city, but there’s no mention of how many businesses closed. I’d bet my 50 cents per $100 grocery “savings” that the net number is in single digits. And of the 30 startups, how many received lucrative tax incentives (our money) to set up shop in our fair city? No mention of that. New housing permits have more than doubled though, from hardly any in the prior year to a few more in the last 12 months.

There is what sounds to be good news about refinancing the city’s huge bond debt to save money, but I’ll leave it to Howard Brodbeck to explain why that probably isn’t good news at all. There are also some pie charts that almost look like smiley faces, so full of good news are they. But again, Howard can dissect them and show that I was looking at them upside down. Those aren’t smiles, they’re frowns!

A few things are missing from the impressive list of city council accomplishments enumerated in the magazine. Overlooked is how the city just missed out on millions when it failed to land the Perryville prison expansion it was working behind the scenes to nail while publically proclaiming the opposite. Also, no mention of further empowering unionized police officers and firefighters by granting them de facto collective bargaining as payback for helping the mayor and other council members get elected, giving up taxpayer leverage and creating a class of super employees who can now break bread with city management and make demands for what they need to be kept happy.

Sadly, there was also no mention of a couple of multi-million dollar lawsuits lodged against the city and settling another big one to make it go away. Also, no mention of several significant personnel moves, including the canning of the city manager, the police chief, and the public works director. Oh wait, they resigned? Sorry. That’s not so bad, after all.

Mishandled Police Cases; Article by John Rowan

by John Rowan, Candidate for Maricopa County Sherriff

Once again, we are hearing that a large amount of serious criminal cases were mishandled by another group of detectives.  The latest being a hundred cases (100!) in the Phoenix PD and prior to that we are all aware of the over 400 sexual assault/molestation cases that were not handled by MCSO (Maricopa County Sherriff’s Office).

This brings to light a much larger issue that is taking place in almost every police department in Maricopa County.  The Police Chiefs that are selected for their position almost exclusively spend their entire career on patrol and in uniform.  They may take a side road into SWAT or some other unit, which is also considered similar to patrol.  Very few if any have any background in investigations or were ever a detective or supervised detectives.  As a result, the leadership has virtually little if any knowledge of what detectives actually should be doing or how cases should be supervised and managed.

What we are seeing in Maricopa County now is what most large cities went through 50 years ago.  This is why many large police departments require their Chiefs of Police to have been a detective or detective supervisor.  The best analogy I can give, the way most police departments are run in Maricopa County is a Chief without detective experience is like putting a nurse in charge of a surgical hospital, they both wear white and have a background in biology but does the average nurse really know what a surgeon does.

It is time for law enforcement in Maricopa County to focus on the issue that most people in the public already have identified, that many of our detective units have little if any oversight.   As a community we should work to change this.

John Rowan with 29 years of law enforcement

Candidate for Maricopa County Sheriff

Guest Blogger; More Lawsuits “In an Amount to be Determined at Trial”, More GY Police Dept Questions. by John Rowan

Editor’s note; The officer in question (Dave Bryant) referenced in this article by John Rowan, became Brad Hardin’s (GY officer alleged in Pendleton lawsuit with culpability in Pendleton’s death) supervisor after the Pendleton accident.

There are now four former GYPD employees who have connections to the Hardin/Pendleton case who have been fired and who are now or soon will be suing Goodyear.  Woodmansee, Eglesius (Eglesius Claim re; police misconduct), Bryant, Rowan.  Seems like anyone in GYPD who came close to this case and didn’t tow the line got fired.  What does that tell you?

By John Rowan

There was a GY police sergeant by the name of Dave Bryant, who was arrested by the Goodyear Police Department over a year ago.  You may remember he was indicted for theft and fraud from the GYPD.  On January 18th, he went to trial and the County Attorney had to request a dismissal of all charges because there was no evidence (Bryant cleared article).  According to the County Attorney, the city claimed the computer with the evidence was erased and sold to someone in the public.  According to Bryant’s lawyers it was erased and sold by the GYPD because it would prove that Bryant was innocent and no such act had occurred.

These events occurred while I was removed from my position as Public Information Officer for the GYPD.  Commander Ralph McLaughlin took over my position while I was reassigned and was so eager to get this indictment out to the public to show that the GYPD is capable of disciplining one of it’s own, he violated the law by releasing confidential information to the press.  This resulted in an investigation by another agency and was submitted for charging the Commander but was then ruled that though it was wrong they would not charge. (McLaughlin)

Dave Bryant has now filed a Notice of Claim for wrongful prosecution, violation of his civil rights, false arrest, defamation of character, etc. (18 charges in all).  I don’t know the amount that he is seeking but is a multi-million dollar claim. In an amount to be determined at trial.

In addition, there is another lawsuit that I am aware of by Julio Inglesias in Federal Court now.  He was an Officer assigned to the Goodyear Court and filed a complaint with the City Manager regarding an incident with Brad Hardin where he felt that this officer had made false statements regarding a 911 call that they had both responded to.  Shortly after making a complaint against this officer, Julio was terminated.  This complaint occurred at about the exact time that the Pendleton case was being exposed.  Officer Inglesias feels that he was terminated due to the fact that the city did not want any additional negative attention brought on Officer Hardin.   I am not aware of the amount he is seeking in remedy.
The purpose of this article is to make you and the citizens of Goodyear aware of these additional existing lawsuits, all of which are the direct result of upper management mishandling and city council ineptitude.
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