High School, Facebook, the ME Generation

I recently had an opportunity to witness why my generation growing up in the late 60s and 70s is known as the ME Generation. Over 40 years later this group continues to demonstrate their slobbering, self indulgent, self absorbed, love affair with… themselves. It has always been about and turns out continues to be about them.

You won’t hear me complaining. Maybe I’m an exception, but I feel very fortunate for everything that was provided to me and all the opportunities I had growing up “privileged” in a middle to upper middle class Midwest suburb. Our high school even had the only indoor swimming pool I had ever seen back in 1971 and maybe the only one in that part of the state. How many of you had a high school with an indoor swimming pool?

But you would not think that from reading a recent Facebook thread on one of my high school’s Facebook pages. Blame and recrimination of parents, “the system”, even well intentioned school counselors is all one sees from these now sixty something baby boomers (emphasis on Baby). Here are some examples:

Sally (these are not their real names)
“I was just in (name of city) for a few days (tying up loose ends of my Dad’s estate, holy cow….) … I have endless regret (which is stupidly fruitless, of course) that I didn’t engage more in high school, but I was a cesspool of fears, social anxiety, and was utterly preoccupied with a home life that was, well, dysfunctional in the extreme. … Substance abuse and mental illness were taboo topics then. The big family secrets. We move on now of course, because the present is all we have. But I’ve always wondered, having felt so isolated back then in ’67, who else out there might feel that events at home hung over their days at X High School? Does anyone else feel their school days were shadowed by sh*t at home?”

Keep in mind, Sally is someone who had comparatively limitless opportunities in those days compared to most others in the world. Someone living in the top 2% of society in the US, perhaps the world, and rather than maturing to understand that she wasted that opportunity all on her own, here she is ruing that her dysfunctional family is what held her back.

In reality, while in high school, Sally and the rest of her now complaining Facebook friends were immersed in a near limitless sea of mostly well meaning parents, teachers, friends, money, and opportunities like no one had ever lived before back in the late 60s early 70s. By their own admission, they withdrew from that, but apparently continue to blame others for their lack of initiative and motivation.

I have friends from school whose parents were alcoholics and worse. But my friends didn’t withdraw. Instead, these people with spine and gumption decided that, “I’m getting out of here as fast as I can and I’m doing it by taking all I can from these opportunities presented to me and go get a good education that leads to a good job”. Notice Sally omits any details of exactly what was more “dysfunctional” about her family than any other (like we don’t all have our issues) as she merely alludes to mental illness and substance abuse. But hey, after all these years, at least her dad had an estate, and what do you want to bet Sally has already cashed the checks from it too?

Emily Vu (that is her real name)
Compare Sally to say, Emily Vu, a Vietnam refugee who now runs her own accounting firm in the US, whose family was probably being bombed by napalm paid for by Sally’s family’s income taxes back in the 70s while Sally sulked in her Midwest Camelot. The primary difference between Emily and Sally is that Emily didn’t waste time and energy blaming others for her plight, like Sally does. Instead, she took whatever opportunities presented themselves (immigration to the US probably to a ghetto) and made the most of them.

And then someone (I’ll call him Dave) had the nerve to suggest in a post to these self indulgent Facebook blamers, that, “I enjoyed myself immensely, have no regrets and always loved living my life. To the complainers and pessimists? Go get one.” Dave obviously feels that it is UP TO YOU, not everyone else, how you live your life. Dave makes life happen, Sally and her friends have let life happen to them.

And I love this next part because it is so predictable. We all know from experience what happens when someone with a different view has the audacity to even mention it to any liberal progressives like Sally and her pals.

Yep, Sally et al start name calling.

And did they ever. It started with (I’ll call her Becky) who had this deep sentiment, “My sister and I definitely had some strange home lives but we got thru that and high school also- thank God. And yes, I’m sure we thought everyone else had Ozzie and Harriet families and (as) for Dave- glad your life has been rosy but go fxxx yourself

Of course Sis agreed with Becky, praising that her sister, “gets to the heart of things.”

Oh pulleezze!

And then this from “Mike” another slobbering blamer, “Not that I disagree with your last sentiment, Becky, but someone who would say what (Dave) did is likely to be as screwed up as all of the rest of us combined. Don’t you think? … you and I and most people on this thread are more advanced in our understanding than this guy is. He could stand to see a therapist.”

I’m not making this up, these are direct quotes from this Facebook thread. It is all there in black and white. If Dave does not agree with me then he can go F himself and on top of that he “must” be crazy. Name calling and demonizing, the pillars of liberal progressive blame theology; that, and treatment of any and all self defined mental issues with chemicals as Becky opines, ”Here we are as adults still trying to find someone who might understand what dysfunctional families and life as a teen was like and this guy comes along to tell us to get a life. He needs better meds…or maybe we need his!”

Remember, these people are in their sixties, and this is over FOURTY years later. And Becky still wants someone to understand that, “they did this to me, it’s not my fault.” I’m certain, Becky had nothing to do with any of the bad stuff that ever happened in her life, only the good stuff.

And there you have it folks. Fourty years after frittering away a childhood of economic and social privilege compared to most of America and certainly compared to the rest of the world at that time, the ME generation has not changed one bit. They may have even gotten worse in their old age as time allows them to recall only what suits their purpose; to blame others, and to NEVER take responsibility for their own situation unless it suits them.

There were over 80 something posts in this Facebook thread (so far). Time on their hands? Well, they still don’t seem to be working too hard, eh? Now they can waste their time blaming everyone else for their failures on Facebook, the world’s foremost outlet to find out just how self absorbed most people in the world happen to be.


Goodyear: Alabama of Arizona


Jefferson County Alabama is coming out of bankruptcy after many years of over borrowing (like Goodyear) and over spending (like Goodyear) by the local yokel public officials (like Goodyear) down in Alabama.
The outcome of this fiasco gives taxpayers an idea of the template that might be used by future courts to dole out “fair” punishment to voters like those in Jeff County (and Goodyear) for being so stupid as to keep re-electing a bunch of moron public officials who just kept adding to their overwhelming debt (like Goodyear).
In summary, here is what the courts just ruled in Jeff County:
1. Bond holders take a 30% haircut on their investments. That is, they lose one dollar of every three dollars they loaned Jeff County and they get to handle the re-financing. Oh yeah, most of the debt DOES NOT go away!
2. Taxpayers get hit with a 31% increase in their tax bills related to the debt that was forgiven.

Coincidence that these percentages are so close? I doubt it. How much more complicated math would you expect from some judge and a bunch of lawyers who never had to master algebra?

How would all you fixed income retirees living in Goodyear like to get a 31% increase in your property tax bills in order to pay for GEOrgia et al’s stupidity handling your money and borrowing to build unused stadiums, malls that don’t get built, and $12 mil dollar buildings that only appraise at $8 mil and then find the city is still “loaned up” under a slightly smaller mountain of debt?
Did you notice Goodyear increased your secondary property tax rate again this year in order to keep funding their debt?

Letter to the AZ Republic Editor

I’m certain they won’t print this but I sent it anyway.
Dear Editor:
What more can we expect from your far left, Obama slobbering, liberal pages, AZ Republic/Gannett, than today’s front page, “analysis” where AP reporter Brian Murphy describes the Muslim Brotherhood, in headline and article as, “pragmatic reformers”. This is the same group whose credo states, “Jihad is our way”, and whose principles include Sharia law, and whose default leader, the current president of Egypt is a, “truther” who claims 9/11 was a set up by the US government.
Pragmatic reformers? Are you kidding me? How far will far left journalists like your organization go to ignore that what we witness today is nothing more than the result of Obama’s failed apologetic policies and lack of leadership in the Middle East leading to the meltdown of US global security that is happening on his watch.
Pragmatic reformers, eh? Your newspaper disgusts me.
Howard Brodbeck

Do You Have a German Automobile?

It’s not just some catchy title, this is for real.

I helped one of my neighbors the other day get her German car repaired.  As a result, I met one of the best customer focused auto repair places I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.  Almost makes me want to buy a German made automobile, but I’m too practical for that, if my car ever breaks down on a long trip, I don’t want the garage picking it up to say, “I’ve never seen one like this before”.  So I own Chevys and Fords.

Unlike some of our local Goodyear auto repair shops who won’t give you the time of day unless you fill out a work order and a minimum charge agreement, the employees at;

German Auto, 5244 N. 7th St. in Phoenix (602.274.3747)

are really HELPFUL!!

If you decide to try them out, ask for Tommy Spoljar.  He explains everything, does not treat you like you are a moron, and this guy will actually help you get your repair done EVEN IF IT DOES NOT PAY HIS SHOP THE MOST MONEY to do it that way.


Comments on the Affirmative Action Debate; By Guest Blogger Clay Troxell

Editor’s note; howardsgoodyearblog is always looking for well written posts from contributing authors (whether I agree with their opinions or not) which reference facts in order to support opinions.  What Clay Troxell has written below meets those criteria.

If you think you can write a clear, concise opinion on either side of issues that matter to you that are either Goodyear specific or Goodyear related, please submit them to my email address; howardsgoodyearblog@gmail.com   All “rants” will be rejected.

Affirmative Action  by Clay Troxell

Many years ago when I worked for a large corporation, I was introduced to the term “Affirmative Action”. The company required that everyone attend courses on AA, which were presented by outside businesses. Invariably, the instructors were black and usually men.  After reflecting on the course’s objectives, I first was content with what was said. However, some time later, I began to question the fairness and presumptions in AA.

Affirmative Action was made “law” by executive order in 1961 by President Kennedy to help minorities obtain employment. Past discriminatory practices such as Jim Crow laws (“separate but equal” decisions by southern states) first implemented after the civil war had made it extremely difficult for blacks to achieve economic success. President Lyndon Baines Johnson issued a new executive order in 1965 to extend AA to women. An excerpt from EO #11246 reads as follows:

The contractor will not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. The contractor will take affirmative action to ensure that applicants are employed, and that employees are treated during employment, without regard to their race, color, religion, sex or national origin. Such action shall include, but not be limited to the following: employment, upgrading, demotion, or transfer; recruitment or recruitment advertising; layoff or termination; rates of pay or other forms of compensation; and selection for training, including apprenticeship.

It’s been 50 years since Affirmative Action was put into practice. Perhaps it was the right step to take in 1961, although that is debatable. It is time to end AA, which has in some cases resulted in quotas in industry and lower standards for minorities and women for admittance into institutions of higher learning.

One of the problems with Affirmative Action is that it is “affirmative” for some but discriminatory for others, especially white males.  It should be obvious that if two people of different ethnicity or gender apply for a job and if one is given special consideration just because of his or her birth characteristics, the other person is at a sharp disadvantage. Discrimination is wrong when perpetrated against blacks or whites. Stereotyping people based on their color or gender or ethnicity is anti-American. Are all white people racists? Are all white men to blame for past injustices committed against others? The answer of course is “no.”

Affirmative Action for some is Negative Action for others. AA is thus not benign. But discrimination is not the only difficulty with AA.  When minorities or women are hired, promoted, or admitted into college, AA engenders skepticism and even anger amongst their peers or fellow students.  This can be unfair to the very people who may have achieved their success without the help of AA. AA is not only discriminatory, it is also therefore perpetuates misunderstanding and unspoken distrust.

There are many outstanding African-Americans who have insisted that AA is harmful and unnecessary. Ward Connerly has labored incessantly to end minority and gender preferences in state hiring and college admissions. He is the man most responsible for California’s Proposition #209, which is anti-AA, and was passed by the electorate with 55% of the vote. Other influential African-American opponents of AA include Walter E Williams (author of “Race and Economics – How much can be Blamed on Discrimination”), Star Parker (activist and author of “Uncle Sam’s Plantation: How Big Government Enslaves America’s Poor and What We Can Do About It”), and Thomas Sowell(economist and author of “The Quest for Cosmic Justice” and well as many other books dealing with race relations.)

Of course Affirmative Action has a political appeal that has been championed by liberals and Democrats. Democrats promote victim-hood to gain votes and therefore are adamantly opposed to ending AA. Democratic leaders want to keep blacks and Hispanics on their political “plantation”, forever enslaved to the idea that minorities are incapable of making it on their own. Martin Luther King, Jr. said “he longed for the day when people would be judged by their character and not their color.” (my paraphrase). That day could be here if it were not for programs like AA which divide us by race and gender.

It’s time to end Affirmative Action and to de-emphasize hyphenated terms like African-American.  Color does not make the Man. We are all Americans. Let’s start acting that way.

Clay Troxell


From a Goldwater Institute Email

This occurred yesterday, August 15, in Iowa on the “bus tour”.

Goldwater Institute “grad” (Stacey Rogers used to be a law clerk at GI) challenges Obama.

You won’t see this on MSNBC……  http://bit.ly/oa8HO8

MG Relaunch

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